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Insider Access



Insider-only perks

Everything from decor, rugs, furnishings, and even luxury appliances

Only insiders get exclusive access and extraordinary pricing on luxury brands like Loloi Rugs, Currey and Company Lighting, Wolf Range, Viking Appliances, and more.




The V.I.P Treatment

Colton Lane treats its Insiders like royalty with free shippping on many of our products

For Insiders, 80% of the Colton Lane collection ships free!
Use our flat shipping rate calculator in the cart to mitigate surprises! After checkout, our concierge team will email you to help track and schedule your order.



Shhhh... Insiders only!

Party with Colton Lane at our exclusive private events

Members get first access to sales and live events, such as wine tastings, product information meet-ups, and more!




A treat from Colton Lane

Pamper your home, pamper your taste buds with Colton Lane Wine

With hundreds of resturant and hard to find quality options, our virtual cellar is at your disposal. Fine wines and champagnes delivered to your doorstep.



We're here to design your lifestyle.

Our Concierge service and Design Teams change the way you approach design

Need help with a refresh, renovation or more? Contact our team at




Explore Colton Lane Wine

Share the love, with a Colton Lane Client Gift!



The Gift of Great Design

Sometimes, the best gifts are the ones we choose ourselves.

Insiders recieve gift card benefits when sending shopping cart cash to friends!



How much does Insider Access to Colton Lane cost?

Insider Access costs $199/year. However, if you are working with a Colton Lane realtor or partner, the membership is free.

What's included in Insider Access?

Benefits include exceptional pricing and free shipping on all non-truck shipments, an expanded collection of home and lifestyle brands featuring Viking Sub-Zero, Tumi, Gucci, Dolce and Gabbana and more. Insiders may access discounted wine shipped direct to their door, as well as private sales and events not available on our signature site. Insiders may also benefit from our concierge level service and post order logistics.

How is Insider Access different from public access to Colton Lane?

Anyone can shop Colton Lane and benefit from a variety of wonderful home furnishings and decor on our signature site, but Insiders get the above benefits which are not available on our signature site.

Does Insider Access include free shipping on all Colton Lane products?

Free shipping on all non-truck shipments is only one of the many benefits that our public customers do not recieve. Insiders also recieve complimentary concierge level customer service and post order logistics and tracking by our team.

What is Colton Lane Wine?

A selection of fine wines and champagnes to deliver to your doorstep! Sorry, AL, DE, MS, RI, SD, and UT, we cannot ship wine to you yet.

Do I have access to CL Wine without Insider Access?

Yes! You can purchase from Colton Lane, but you will not get the benefits our Members will. Such as private sales and events.

How can Colton Lane's Concierge service support me?

Colton Lane Concierge is here to help! From product recommendations to post-shipping logistics, utilize the Colton Lane team to streamline your home furnishings buying experience. Just purchased a sofa or large furnishings? Our team will reach out to you with tracking, call to schedule your delivery window, and provide updates and reminders for your incoming shipment. Ah, Peace of mind.

What does the Design Team do?

Our award-winning design team designs and styles around your lifestyle. From select areas to full scale rennovation, you can count on the Colton Lane Design team to deliver exactly the environment you are dreaming of.

What types of private events does Insider Access include?

Access to private events such as wine tastings, product information meetings, 1:1 design service, and 1:1 complimentary concierge service.

I'm a realtor, what kind of perks or special access do I get?

For more information on how realtors can partner with Colton Lane, please email

When is Insider Access renewed?

Insider Access is billed annually for $199, on the date of the subscription.

How do I cancel my Insider Access?

To cancel your membership, simply email "Cancel Insider Access" to and we will delete your account and any associated information.

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